Team Building

Square dancing is a great opportunity for a work appropriate "Happy Hour." This is an excellent activity for the workplace needing something new. The caller will teach as you go, like on the job training, and experienced dancers are available as mentors if needed.

Two left feet? Worried about the dancing part? Many men who dance say responding to the calls with a dance movement reminds them of playing football. The caller will lead you though the dance steps, which are strung together in a pattern that flows easily from one move to the next.

Modern Square Dance is synergy. It supports team building through cooperative fun. When you join hands and circle left, you connect and break down barriers.

Twin City Spinners offers monthly community dances which offer a great opportunity for your workplace team to get together outside of the office for a little relaxation on the dance floor, no experience necessary. Or, if you would prefer something more exclusive, caller Al Hipkins can come to your workplace (or other location of your choosing) for a private lesson just for your staff. For more information about this, please use the Contact page.